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Sync Success

What use is sync anyways? Well, I hope you never ask yourself this question again after reading this. I'm no sync expert, BUT I have interned with one publishing company that basically only works on sync placements. That gives me credit...right?

Anyways, sync is just when you put the song with the scene and BOOM! It's the best, or the worst scene you've ever watched in your life all because of the fact that the song could accurately capture and express the exact feelings and emotions already being acted out in the scene.

You were already going to be crying because of the storyline, but you're weeping because of the faint ,yet piercing sound of a full rich alto two toned voice similar to Sade is softly singing "I knew you would hurt me, and I let you give it a try," as your favorite character just watched the love of their life pack up and leave because their wounds of self-hatred, and pitty were too deep for their love to work through with them. The struggle of self vs self and self vs man resonates in the back of your mind as the screen fades to black. You're still drying your eyes as the next show is coming on.

This is the power of music in Film and Tv. It makes the scene come to life more than it already was. You remember everything about that precise moment, and you're overtaken by the story all because of that one song that fit perfectly into that specific scene.

I've highlighted what the song does for the scene, but what does the scene do for the song...or better yet, the artist. The answer everyone loves, MONEY! However, the part I like most about sync for the artist is that it creates exposure. Come back next week, and we'll talk about it. Any questions? Feel free to drop them below.

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