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Cidney Grady

Cidney Grady is a 25 year old Nashville Native who considers herself to be an all around Creative! She grew up attending school in East Nashville (or "Out East'' as the true locals call it.) at East Nashville Magnet Middle & High School. She is firm believer in following your heart, and working to maintain a complete Mind, Body & Spirit balance. Cidney lives by the idea of never limiting yourself by making sure to experience and go after EVERYTHING you desire. Whatever it may is attainable for you in this life so long as you stick with it, and keep going.

Cidney plans to be a prominent figure in the Music and Entertainment Industry, and is focused on first building all of her Music entities, (Such at CidNache Management) to their fullest potential. Singing, Writing, starring in Musicals, Writing & Directing Films, and even learning to play her favorite instruments are also on her list of "To Do's". Cidney knows all of her interests, gifts talents will all attribute to her success as a Music and Entertainment Industry Entrepreneur, and is doing it all!


She is also passionate about solving the problem of Homelessness, and seeks to find solutions, and implement them in communities that need them most. Cidney plans to fully fund her NonProfit venture through her work in the Music Industry.

Cidney simply believes in doing what makes you happy, and knows God will continue to provide for her as long as she continues to put forth quality work, and love on others!

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